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Supply Chain Logistics
E-Commodities is one of the few enterprises in China with strategic land reserves and advanced logistics facilities in China-Mongolia and China-Russia cross-border ports. It continues to provide the customers with efficient and accurate warehousing, loading, unloading, distribution and processing services. At the same time, E-Commodities continues to integrate advanced technologies into its own superior logistics management system, assisting in the intelligent upgrade of each logistics process. It also connects the upstream and downstream ecosystems through the procedure re-engineering of online supply chain business so as to achieve the synergy of the whole chain, improve the efficiency and reliability of the chain comprehensively, and establish a competitive service-oriented smart logistics platform.


I. Logistics Assets


E-Commodities covers an area of 7.5 million square meters, with the coal washing capacity of 23 million tons, the annual railway loading capacity of 70 million tons, and the annual storage capacity of static coal of 6.1 million tons.


Supply Chain Logistics Assets Map



II. Advantages of Containers



III. Warehousing